Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Appreciation Post] The Adam Scott Bubble

I've been in Adam Scott bubble for a week now.

Seeing him in tux in S07E01 of Parks and Recreation led me to binge watch movies starring him. Oh, the gift of time. However, I'm at this point where I can't watch anymore of his movies due to too much exposure so I'll stick to listening to his podcast "U Talkin' U2 To Me" instead (plus the fact that this podcast is hilarious, I will stick around with or without the Adam Scott bubble, really).

To mark the end of an era (or to burst this bubble of mine), here are the movies/series I watched in the past week to satisfy my Adam Scott fascination.

Parks and Recreation: Ben Wyatt

Ben Wyatt is the perfect husband (next to my future hubby, of course). Adam played Ben's role so well I can actually imagine him walking around with his Letters to Cleo shirt IRL. Or maybe, he really is a fan of them.

The Secret World of Walter Mitty: Ted Hendricks

This is where I am used to in terms of Adam's role - a douche, meanie guy. But in this one, he is a glorious bearded one. The beard is kinda real, btw.

Friends With Kids: Jason Fryman

This movie is a bit cliche for me cause *spoiler alert* Adam's character and the friend he had the kid with ended up together, but overall I think Adam did a very good job in this movie. I felt like he was too much of a player when with Megan Fox's character (his girlfriend after having the baby with his friend) but was able to pull off that "I can be serious with a girl" attitude when with Jennifer Westfeldt's character (the mom of his kid in the movie, the friend).

Torque:  FBI Agent Jay McPherson

So far the only movie I've seen Adam with a gun and it was funny! I think you must be high to truly enjoy this movie  (that's Adam's thoughts too). It's like Fast and Furious in motorbikes and lucid drugs. Super enjoyed it (haha, NOT).

A.C.O.D : Carter

Adam playing a big brother here while dealing with his own unresolved childhood issues is an interesting storyline. Though I expected more "therapy" sessions, I think this is a decent one. Not his best role, but he's in starring in it.

Step Brothers: Derek Huff

Oh God! Adam can really be a meanie while dancing and lip synching Ice Ice Baby (that was a good song, huh?). I think that he is really funny here and is not taking his self too seriously.

Bachelorette: Clyde Goddard

I loved the message of this movie! Read my thoughts on this movie here. Though tbh I got confused in Adam's role here. He came off as that douche from highschool guy but turned out to be a softy in the end. It's romantic, I guess.

The Vicious Kind: Caleb Sinclaire

This movie is easily on my top 10 to watch and share with people. Not just because of the Adam Scott bubble. Maybe this is also the reason why I can't watch anymore movies of him (for now) because this one set a very high standard for him.

The movie is so intense I had to pause in the middle of it to gather my thoughts. Read about my mid movie thoughts here.

Adam actually won several awards here so I know I am not the only one to be amazed on his performance. But sh*t he's good! He was playing an almost psychopath here. His role is funny, scary, intense, pathetic, sad, and everything in between. He played it well! 

Really guys, watch it! Forget the other movies I mentioned prior, this is the one to go to for you to see how good Adam Scott is. The others will just be enough to entertain you until he surprises as with another one like this.

No More For Now

So for now, no more Adam Scott movies. I have Leap Year, The Aviator, Star Trek (yes, he's in it for a bit too) waiting for me but will have to park them to give chance to others. 

Though, as mentioned earlier I will continue to listen to his podcast (which is really fun btw, go listen to it even if you are not a very big U2 fan). Also, I have plans of watching the now defunct series "Party Down" where he starred in cause I have seen a cult following in it and they say Adam is good in his role in there. So, let's see.

le belle

Adam Scott
Parks and Recreation
Friends With Kids
Step Brothers
The Vicious Kind

Sunday, January 18, 2015

[Movie Thoughts] Bachelorette

When things are not complicated...

I just watched the movie Bachelorette and it made me sad and happy at the same time.

The friendship of the four girls in the movie is perfect picture of how true it is that life will be happier if we leave the complications behind. That's the happy part, the sad part is that I know it's not that easy to do.

The movie is quite a roller coaster for me and appears to be budgeted (yeah) but the script is so blown out of proportion. Hmmm, reminds me of Hangover actually. Though the boy's movie is way better but the feel of it is almost the same. Besides, both ended with a wedding so there's that.

However, despite my not so good review (I mean, I really liked it but I've seen better from *ALL* the actors in it, specially when I just saw the critically acclaimed movie of Adam Scott - read about it here), I have found a good thing from it...

Friends are friends no matter what. No questions asked, you fix your self up when your friend needs you.

Gawwwwd, I want that kind of friendship. I am actually unsure if I have such since I haven't been in a very complicated situation to need saving that I will be needing my friends to step up... though the good thing is I have few names in mind that I know will actually do that for me... I just hope there's no occurrence of too much complications that I will be needing saving.

And, oh I loved that last song from the movie - "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers. I just learned that this song was released the year I was born so I'm not too familiar but I am sure I heard it somewhere. Placed the video below for your reference, it made me felt good so I hope it will do the same for you.

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Adam Scott
The Proclaimers
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

[Movie Thoughts] The Vicious Kind

Thirty minutes into watching this movie, I had to pause because I was not emotionally ready on the scenes that are unfolding before my eyes.

I was led to this movie because I was kinda trapped into watching movies where Adam Scott is in and before this film, all his movies that I watched were either comedy or anything that should not be taken too seriously (I am talking about Torque).

Now, I am really engrossed into this movie, The Vicious Kind, though I originally half expected it to be a comedy.

Maybe it's a good thing that I did not checked out reviews, I am really enjoying the surprises and how it turned out to be so emotionally deep, intense, and dark.

I haven't finished it yet and only needed a break so nothing final to share with you.

If you are curious, you can check it out (feel free!). Just so you know, the film premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

le belle

The Vicious Kind
Adam Scott

Sunday, January 11, 2015

[Character Focus] Ben and Leslie (Parks and Recreation)

I slept late two days ago so I woke up late yesterday and had breakfast around lunch time. And, oh had brewed coffee around 4PM and had another fix by 9PM...

Needless to say, I am up and running and it's 4AM - 3 days ago from since the reference of this post.

Energy spent posting some stuff I am selling since I need to discard them as I am moving places soon and can't really carry much stuff. Oh, and I am binge watching Parks and Recreation. Please refer to previous post here for my mid episode banter for season 4, episode 1.

I am already on episode 7 of the same season and I am, to use Chris' expression, LITERALLY broken hearted because BEN and LESLIE can't be together. I teared up when they broke up.

I made a mistake of watching Youtube clips of them and I learned that *spoiler alert* they will still end up together. Every series lovin' person would say that it's horrible to read/see spoilers but not for me for this television show. I really love Ben and Leslie so I am still watching the next eps with excitement, plus Parks and Rec is a really good show not just about their loveteam - though that's my fave about it.

Ok, need to sleep now. But please do yourself a favor and watch this show!

le belle

Park and Recreation

[Episode Thoughts] Parks and Recreation (S04, E01)

I am now watching Parks and Recreation.

I am already in season 4, started it just few minutes ago and I had to stop cause I cried a little when Ben gave Leslie the campaign pin. Knope 2012.

I mean I like Ben for Leslie cause he is adorable and likes Leslie for who she is. But this latest gesture is so sweet I want to punch Leslie for wanting to run for office. Though, that's her dream ever since.

Anyways, will go back to watching.

For those who have not watched it yet, please start now! For those who watched it already and know what will happen next... well, be envious of me cause I still have a lot of episodes to enjoy. I'm pretty sure I have a lot of awesome sauce moments to watch.

P.S. I really like the chemistry between Adam Scott (Ben) and Amy Poehler (Leslie). Also, Adam is really, really cute for a 40-ish gentleman.

le belle

Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope
Ben Wyatt
Amy Poehler
Adam Scott

[Movie Thoughts] American Sniper

Lately, I've been so into watching TV series and rewatching my favorite movie franchises over and over again (insert Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and Star Wars here). This kinda hindered me in watching new movies cause I sort of really get engrossed and invested so it's hard to me to just "watch" ...

However, I've got the motivation to watch a newly released movie only because I've anticipated about its release. And guess what movie that is (not referring to the title of this post)? American Sniper.

Bradley Cooper and the Oscar Buzz

They say Bradley will have a shot on an Academy nomination on this. I am not surprised though as he already got a few noms previously for different roles.

Watching the movie, I really understand why the buzz. Bradley was able to portray the character, I mean the man himself - Chris Kyle, in such a way that he appears to be so sure about the killing but is losing a bit of himself every time he pulls the trigger. It's like it strengthens and weakens him at the same time. All 160 credited killings to be exact (yeah, as per the movie and his Wikipedia entry). Intense, right?

What's off though is his Texan/country accent. I think it's not consistent cause there are times I hear the actual Bradley and then I will be snapped back to Chris Kyle's cowboys roots just because I will suddenly hear the thickness of the accent.

But overall, I think that Bradley has done a wonderful job on this.

Looking At War

I am not really invested on following stories about wars but I sure cried when 9/11 attack happened, also I had goosebumps when I learned that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Reason for those effects is that it gives me the sense that war is true, that it may not directly affect me but it is happening everyday.

Just like what Chris Kyle said in the movie when he was back home from duty break in Iraq, that he should not be doing the "regular" stuff (i.e. driving his wife from the hospital after checking on her pregnancy) and that he should be in the battlefield doing his role.

That scene gave me a sense of how hard it is to see the war and be back on your regular programming. I think the whole movie gave that effect to me. I think Clint Eastwood (the director) gave a very decent interpretation of the book by Chris Kyle.

Overall, It's Intense

The movie is really intense.

Also, without giving too much spoilers away, I loved that Chris Kyle has aimed to facing his equally good sniper terrorist nemesis. It gave me a sense of closure, maybe in real life that was he aiming for as well. But with credited 160 war killings, it may be deeper than that.

In summary, hats off to him, and to this movie who showed me how hard it is for the soldiers to be at war but still they do it.

le belle

American Sniper
Bradley Cooper
Chris Kyle
Clint Eastwood

Friday, January 9, 2015

[Character Focus] Dr.Wells (The Flash)

Ok, so five seconds ago I was in episode 7, season 1 of "The Flash" (see my first look of the series here) and I started being really irked by the story line focused on his love life. I skipped most of those scenes.

Anyways, I am now in episode 9, season 1 and I just learned from IMDb that it's the last I have before we have a fresh new one on 20th January.

Here's the thing, I think that, so far, the villains introduced in the show are all seeking for Dr. Harrison Wells (played by Tom Cavanagh) . Either wanting to get answers or revenge from him. And, of course, "the cutie, seems shady, but adorably looking like your friend's handsome young Uncle" Dr. Wells has been very successful in using our dear Barry (The Flash, if you're not yet familiar) to dodge all the bullets (or electric shock in the case of "The Blackout").

I mean, come on... At first, I am thinking that he maybe the father figure for Barry. However, I just got reminded that Barry already has two father figures, and the one of the two is his actual father just behind bars. Dr. Wells is not that guy for Barry I guess, no... wait, I'm sure  he is not that.

I should not be shocked since during the first episode, it showed *spoiler alert* that he can see the future (which is cool, btw) and he sees "The Flash" being known in the world (or in Central City, atleast) BUT he did not tell Barry or his team about it. Right there, I know he has other motives.

So what's the point of this post. Nothing concrete actually (unlike Tony "The Bully", another villain reference. haha!). Just got news via comicbook.com that one of the characters to be introduced in the new episode of the show is "The Pied Piper", a Rogue seeking revenge on Harrison Wells after his life was changed by the particle accelerator explosion. Yet, another guy after the doctor.

So far, it's all about Barry being "The Flash" because of Dr. Wells and then the doctor using our hero to clean up his mess. Though the good hearted Barry is doing "saving the innocent" job on the side, so let's see how will that develop.

le belle

Grant Gustin
Tom Cavanagh
The Flash