I Want To Be A Comedian, But I am Not Funny

While “high” on gas during the delivery of my first born, I’ve had a couple of epiphanies. One of them is that if I am to have a “creative hobby” it would be to write (hence this blog). I’ve had a couple of other revelations that would only bore you, but towards the end of my “revelation episode” while inhaling the good gas, I pushed God some more and asked Him - “Should I try stand-up comedy? You know I’ve been curious about that” and God’s clear message was “no” and honestly I’m fine with that.
Looking back, I think my interest on stand-up comedy started when I was in college, around year 2007. I remember having a case of insomnia and being left awake and no one to talk to I flick thru our channels with no cable TV and learned that a free-to-air channel (23) ran “Late Night with David Letterman” and I particularly enjoyed his segment called “Top 10 List”. From then on, I always make sure to stay up to watch the show. That introduced me to a myrdiad of comedians I’ve never heard bef…
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